"The Secrets to an Extraordinary Life" as told
by world renowned citrus expert Elizabeth
Steger, revealed here for the first time ever in
her book,
Dreams of an Immigrant



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"I particularly enjoyed learning about Elizabeth's country, their customs, and her family.  It gave a personal touch to her story... I believe this book shows the true spirit of our wonderful country, America. Here, dreams become reality, hopes are born, and faith is rewarded as shown in Elizabeth's life.
 This work is a real testimony to the determination of a young woman and the blessings America has to offer.  God bless America and God bless Elizabeth as she continues to reach for the stars."

Shirley Johnson
Senior Reviewer
Midwest Book Review

Picture of Elizabeth's family, 1956.
(Elizabeth is second from left)


"I am happy to say that I completed the book in its entirety last night.  What a book!  I never knew you had been through so much.  I must say I am privileged to know all of you.  That book has definitely inspired me to follow and fulfill my own dreams.  Elizabeth, you are a prime example of how anyone can achieve their dreams no matter how big or small."

Mike Hooker
Project America TM Orlando Florida

Dreams of an Immigrant
In Dreams of an Immigrant, you will discover the secrets of how to change the negative in life:

  • Fighting poverty with education
  • Making your weaknesses work for you
  • Competing intelligently in the workplace
  • Creating new opportunities where others failed
  • Conquering language barriers and becoming a US citizen.
  • Conquering spiritual turmoil with true faith
  • Adapting to cultural barriers
  • Defying medical decisions with personal research


Dreams of an Immigrant Allows You to
Learn the Secrets of Success
No Matter What Your Circumstances

Iíll be honest with you. I am an expert in a few things and have lots of opinions about many others.

However, I wanted to share my life experiences and my philosophies for success through this book, in hopes that I might make a difference in someoneís life.

You may agree with some of my choices, philosophies, and advice; may disagree with others.

And that's as it should be. But it is my prayer that this book will continue to inspire and motivate you or someone you love to live life to its fullest.

"Last night tile about midnight I was reading Elizabeth's book.  I had finished eleven chapters.  Elizabeth has a tremendous writing talent.  Congratulations to her.  It is a book anyone can read; and a blessing to me personally.  I even used a quote from the book during a presentation at my office!"

Percy Gideon
New Delhi India

A Rough BeginningÖ

"I particularly enjoyed learning about Elizabeth's country, their customs, and her family.  It gave a personal touch to her story... I believe this book shows the true spirit of our wonderful country, America.  Here, dreams become reality, hopes are born, and faith is rewarded as shown in Elizabeth's Life.

Picture of water reservoir similar to the one at Elizabeth's house.

Picture of Elizabeth's house 2001.

Growing up in Paraguay, we didnít have running water, a refrigerator, or a television. We retrieved water in a bucket from a reservoir made of brick and concrete.

To help keep the water clean, we added small fish to eat the organic matter. If we didnít have fish, we added iodine.

So How Did I Get From There to Here?

I was always very ambitious, and I believe that was partly the way God made me and partly my father telling me I could do and be anything I wanted.

I earned a Ph.D. in industrial chemistry from the Nacional University of Asuncion in Paraguay and two masterís degrees from Purdue University, where I also received a Distinguished Alumni and Master's Awards.

But that is not what makes me an expert on how to live an extraordinary life.

For seven years I managed a 60 person department as Research Director for Citrosuco Paulista, one of the largest citrus companies in the world.

But that is not what makes me an expert on how to live an extraordinary life.

I also served as an engineer for seven years and ultimately as a manager for a Technical Center at Food Machinery Corporation, FMC a prestigious American company located in the US and overseas.

But that is not what makes me an expert on how to live an extraordinary life.

I then started my own company, Citrus Consulting International, where I forecast orange crop production for private corporations.

I am well known throughout the citrus world and am often quoted as an expert source in The Wall Street Journal, Estado de Sao Paulo, the Tampa Tribune, the Lakeland Ledger, Dow Jones, and other national media.

And even thatÖis not what makes me an expert on how to live an extraordinary life.

What Actually Makes Me an Expert at
Creating an Extraordinary Life isÖ

Okay. Here it is. Itís very simple. Are you ready?

The fact that I AM living an extraordinary life makes me qualified to share with others HOW to live an extraordinary life.

I have a successful business, a wonderful marriage, and a beautiful daughter. I have learned the hard way the importance of putting your family first. I overcame the odds of poverty and struggled to come to America to live the American dream. I am living proof that it can still happen.

Picture of Elizabeth's family - Brazil 1989

"I have known Dr. Elizabeth S. Steger since the 1980s. We met because of a professional interest in crop forecasting. I have been privileged to be a close friend of Elizabeth and her family through all of these years. She is an outstanding human being, both personally and professionally.

Her book Dreams of an Immigrant certainly exemplifies these attributes, from the opening poem Why Dream to the closing chapter The Ultimate Dream. In fact, reading that last chapter first may make all the others more meaningful and cohesive. The book is not only autobiographical, but covers a wide spectrum of the history of her native country (Paraguay), including many candid observations of human endeavor and faith.

I believe her book will be meaningful for people of all ages. For the young it is an inspiration to excellence in all aspects of life. For the older reader, it reflects an appreciation of life that has been, through all kinds of trials, always true to The Dream."

Paul Nelson Messenger
Friend and Consultant
Winter Park, Florida

"I enjoyed reading the book, and I hope our High School will feel it should be put on a reading list for students and included in the library. I do feel you are an inspiration for others."

Joyce Currington

Picture of Elizabeth High School Graduation 1965

Picture of Elizabeth Parents 1991

"Dreams of an Immigrant by Elizabeth S. Steger, PH.D., contains a wealth of guidance in the two-hundred-fifteen pages. Dr. Steger stresses the importance of education and goals. She impresses on the reader to know their children - their individual talents and dreams, and encourage them to reach for their goals."

The Zapata County News
Zapata, Texas

"I first met Elizabeth Steger in Brazil years ago and knew immediately that this was a bright, motivated young woman. When I heard she had written a book about her immigrant impressions, I had to have it.

I read the entire book the evening I received it. Just understanding her dreams was an inspirationÖWithout a dream, we wander in life but Elizabeth makes a dream real in her book. I highly recommend it to anyone with a dream for a better life."

Kim Barley
Orlando Fl

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This book is unique because it is a mixture between a memoir and a "How to Have a Great Life" guide.

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Dreams of an Immigrant

"If you read nothing else this year, read Dr. Steger's Dreams of an Immigrant. A powerful, simple story about family, life and work."

Lango Deen,
Hispanic Engineer and
Information Technology magazine

"The author is an amazing woman! Writing a book is not an easy endeavor, but writing a book in your second language must be even harder. These pages stand as a marvelous testimony to the author's persistence in communicating her message to others. Her words are conversational, yet filled with genuine insights. Her story meanders across continents and cultures, creatively combining images and situations for a comprehensive view of her life.

Most noteworthy is her sincere desire to help others achieve their goals. In simple, practical, and completely realistic ways, she outlines the approaches and methods she used to succeed. Her words ring with authenticity, as they fill the pages with a quiet authority. From her girlhood in Paraguay to her successful career in America, readers will find themselves on a wonderful journey with a fascinating woman.

Everyone has a dream, but not everyone knows how to dream with a purpose. The author gently guides readers to the right choices, which can make a profound difference. Dreams of an Immigrant is an eye-opening look at the possibilities of reality!"

Joyce Handzo
In the Library Reviews

Paraguay and location

Asuncion, capital of Paraguay

Aerial view of Asuncion

Picture of the poor side

"A Latin American Tony Robbins or Dale Carnegie by nature, Steger is an advocator of personal success through a belief in yourself and God, with which you can combat any obstacle in life. She has defied diagnostic advice from doctors in favor of her more holistic approach, used prayer successfully as a life panacea, and has a vociferous determination that would make many ordinarily ambitious people feel slightly insecure.

I was pleased to read how someone with this kind of perseverance elevated herself from poverty to productivity. While reading some of the book, I did feel at times that Steger's passion was at the expense of her family and relationship with her husband and daughter, but fortunately Steger realized this herself in a moment of cognition and took a born-again approach to her religion that re-established her relationships with God, husband Fred, daughter Kathleen, and, most importantly, herself."

Risa Duff  
Rambles.NET A cultural Arts Magazine
Orlando Fl

Why Did I Write This Book?

In Dreams of an Immigrant, I tell my story with one goal in mind: to allow you to relive my experiences with me, to get inside my thought processes and see how you can apply the same proven secrets of success to your own life.

Whether you are an immigrant or born in the US, whether you were born into poverty or born with a silver spoon in your hand and whether you are successful or on your way there, I know that you - like everyone else - has dreams.

Simply put, this book has helped thousands of people make their dreams a reality.

If you want to learn how to:Elizabeth Salomoni Steger, PhD

  • Choose the right husband or wife
  • Be a good parent
  • Be a good husband or wife
  • Succeed in business
  • Make the right choices
  • Learn the pros and cons of living in a poor country
  • Gain a new appreciation of America
  • Learn to get along with others
  • Find peace and prosperity
  • Choose the right spiritual community
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Learn some history of Paraguay
  • Be proactive with your health
  • How to deal with doctors (they are NOT gods)
  • Practice good nutrition
  • Make your dreams a reality!

Then this book is for you!

Your Zero Risk
No-Hassle, Iron Clad
100% Money Back Guarantee

Most people selling books do not offer any kind of guarantee. But I do, because I'm confident that when you read this book, you will find my experience will benefit your own life!

I only have one request. Only buy if you know you're going to read the book and use it for your own reading pleasure, to give as a gift to someone, or use it to improve your own life. If within 30 days from receipt of your purchase, you feel the book doesn't deliver on its promise, simply return it to me and we will process your refund. Itís that simple!

Do not let this opportunity go by. 
If you opened this website looking for a book that's...

a fast, entertaining read,
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Why Dream
Elizabeth Salomoni Steger

Some dreams come true,
While others die,
But the real ones
Always stay alive.

They are so strong
They won't stay away,
Their sound repeats
Day by day.

Until you conquer,
They won't let go
Because you're destined
To reach your goal.

It's up to you
To turn on the light,
And carry forward
Your flame's delight.

And then someday
Because of you
Others will see
That dreams come true.


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And remember, your dreams are there for a reason.
Your dreams will let you know whatís possible for your life!

Hereís to making your dreams a reality!

Elizabeth Steger
Email: esteger@cfl.rr.com

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